mid week moment.

as my big trip approaches (which i first told you guys about here), i am mixed with so many different feelings.

i’ve talked about wanting to do this trip for so long, but could never coordinate timing with friends and never dreamt of doing it alone.  but, sometimes life is about just taking a chance and doing things you never thought you would or could.

first time

deciding to book a month-long solo trip half-way across the world at the last minute, may seem like a nightmare to some people, but for me, the thought of it is thrilling!

like the quote ^^, this trip is all about firsts:
-first time backpacking.
-first time to asia.
-first time travelling completely solo.
-first time taking time out just for myself.
-first time being away from home for so long.
-first time i’m going to starve for 30 days…(just kidding, fingers crossed i’ll find something to eat)
…the list could go on and on.

i’m sure i’ll hit a couple road bumps (and probably have a couple mini-meltdowns along the way), but i’m definitely up for the challenge.

here’s to trying new things and exciting adventures!

happy hump day!

mid week moment.

i don't stop quote

as we hit the mid week point, i can’t seem to shake that tired feeling.

i’m not sure if it’s the rainy weather, my unusual work hours, my sleeping habits, or a little bit of everything, but ever since working until the veerrryyy wee hours last friday night, i’ve been exhausted and have even had to sneak in a few afternoon siestas.

even though i’ve been feeling pretty sluggish, i’ve been trying not to give in to my tiredness by continuing on with my normal routine.

i’ve got a busy day today, so here’s to an energized and fun wednesday!


mid week moment.

as we make it halfway through another week, i can’t help but feel a sense of happiness.  not only has the weather improved dramatically since last week, but thanks to the nba playoffs, the city of toronto is buzzing.

raptors^^putting the final touches on a raptors logo outside.

having grown up in a hockey household, i’ve never really cared too much for basketball.  but, when i started my new job this year and had to attend raptors games fairly frequently, i quickly became a true fan of the team.  while leaf games are serious and intense, raptors games are loose and relaxed.

with the raptors making it to the playoffs for the first time since 2008, i was so proud to see the thousands of raptors fans come out to our tailgates to rally for their team during the first and second games of the series.

2014-04-17 11.13.48^^spent one day last week chalking out the footprint for the tailgate.

2014-04-17 14.08.46  2014-04-19 09.07.08
^^the court looking like a giant puzzle & some festive balloons.

2014-04-19 14.49.53 ^^a white-out inside the acc.

in a town that is known for their hockey fans, these raptors fans are giving them a real run for their money. here’s to the team’s continued success and the electric energy that they have brought to the city.

**on a side note: did anyone else notice drake furiously lint brushing his pants during the game?  so many questions running through my head…where did he pull this lint brush out from?  how did his pants spontaneously erupt in lint?  did he realize he was sitting courtside and everyone was watching him? ohhh, how i love drake.

happy wednesday & don’t forget, #wearenorth!!

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mid week moment.

for those of you who live in toronto, you can probably sympathize with how i feel right now.  last week we saw our first glimmer of hope that spring had finally arrived.  the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and i could finally leave the house without looking like an eskimo.  at last, i was convinced the polar vortex was over!

2014-04-11 10.44.17 2014-04-11 18.26.16
^ last week: walking around downtown & taking in the beautiful toronto skyline.

…that was until yesterday morning.  i woke up tuesday morning only to find snow on the ground.  after a seriously long and cold winter, i was so disappointed to see that the cold had returned.

^ my view yesterday morning.

i feel like mother nature is truly trying to test us this year.  after being trapped inside for endless months this winter, those beautiful days last week brought so much life and happiness to the city.  i can surely say i took advantage of the beautiful sunshine by reading outside, dining on patios, and going for a run on a local path instead of in the gym.

 2014-04-02 16.35.12 2014-04-08 19.40.25
^^ spring inspiration & the perfect girl’s night.

even though it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, i know there can’t possibility be many more cold days  left.  so, as i sit inside daydreaming about sunnier times and the next time i’ll be able to sip sangria on a patio, i’m looking to this (down there) to help me get through this balmy wednesday and remind me to always find the bright side of things.

gold dots

happy hump day everyone!

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mid week moment.

it’s that time of week again.  we’ve made it to hump day.

after a crazy busy weekend, i’m still trying catch up the many hours of sleep i missed out on.  i also have a fairly long list of things to catch up on.  when i woke up this morning and looked at my list, i immediately felt overwhelmed by all i wanted to accomplish today.

quote 2

i specifically remember pinning this quote ^^ on pinterest two years ago and often think of it when i feel stressed.  although all my errands and obligations sometimes seem quite daunting, it’s important to take in stride.  at the end of the day, it’s true…in a year from now, will it really matter if you washed your bed sheets today instead of tomorrow?

here’s to a happy & productive wednesday everyone!

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mid week moment.

the past 5 or 6 days have been super busy for me.  between work, catching up with some old friends, and attending a couple events, i haven’t had more than an hour to spare.

it’s safe to say i’m feeling pretty exhausted, but i can’t complain because i’d much rather have a million things to do than have nothing to do at all.


i love this quote ^^ because no matter how hard life can get or how tired you are, it reminds you to keep pushing through.  sometimes all you want to do is lay in bed and hide, but no matter what, you will always feel better when you get up, get dressed and continue on with your life.

happy hump day!

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mid week moment.

it’s hump day.

on wednesdays we are only halfway through the week and can just barely begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the weekend.


in order to conquer my mid-week blues, i always try to find something or someone to help me over that hump.

this week, i’ve turned to justin timberlake.  has anyone heard his new song ‘not a bad thing’?  well if you haven’t, you’re missing out, my friend.  it’s no secret that i’ve loved jt ever since my boy band lovin’ days (back when frosted tips, overalls and pigtails were cool), but this song brings my love to a new level.

my most favourite part of the video i captured from his 20/20 concert.

my most favourite part of the video i captured from his 20/20 concert.

so thank you mr. timberlake for bringing me lots of joy today.  happy hump day!

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