at home salon.

this week i can’t live without: my nail polish rack.


since discovering my love for nail polish, i’ve racked up a sizeable collection.  but, i’ve always struggled with finding the perfect solution to displaying them and ended up resorting to throwing them all in a woven basket.

although the basket looked nice, i could never see what colours i had because they ended up just getting burried on top of each other.

thankfully my grandpa is such an amazing handyman and recently made me the perfect nail polish rack.  i can now see all my nail polish options and the rack gives me that salon feeling in my own house.

thanks to the best papa for making this for me!!



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friday favourite.

this week, i can’t live without: ‘turquoise & caicos’ nail polish by essie.


as i mentioned here, i used to be serious nail bitter, but ever since kicking this bad habit to the curve, i’ve taken a lot of pride in the appearance of my nails.

now that my nails have grown long and strong, i rarely leave the house without them painted.  i love the way a beautifully painted nail finishes off any outfit and gives you a put together look.

2014-04-03 16.10.12 2014-03-28 15.40.59

since i absolutely hate the thought of chipped nails, i always make time once a week to give myself a little manicure. after removing old polish, i trim my cuticles and cut my nails before picking out a new colour.

^^some of my favourite colours for spring.

i have created quite the nail polish collection of the past couple years and usually choose the colour of my nails by the weather or season.  since pastels are such a hit this spring, i picked up ‘turquoise & caicos’ by essie the other day and love it.


although some people may think nail polish is just another mundane step to a woman’s regime, i think it’s a fun way of showing your individuality and personality.  i can’t wait to keep trying out new colours and designs as spring continues!

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“the only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.  other than that, watch out!” -unknown

friday favourite.

i can’t live without my: palmer’s cocoa butter ‘swivel stick’.

2014-03-20 20.31.38

please, tell me you’ve tried this chapstick before!  i literally cannot say enough good things about this product.  i know eos is all the rage right now, but after trying palmer’s cocoa butter, you will never look at an egg shaped lip balm again.

if you’re like me, you’ve probably never finished an actual tube of chapstick before it goes missing, but lucky for us, the ‘swivel stick’ is the size of a glue stick (and yes, when i pull this out in public, i often get weird looks from people thinking i’m putting glue on my lips. and no, i don’t care because my lips are smoother than theirs ever will be).  so, not only have i held on to this chapstick for months without losing it, but i have gone this whole winter stretch without chapped lips (congrats to me!).

but, wait!  there’s more; the amazingness doesn’t stop there.  although i (and my friends who are now hooked on this stuff) choose to use ‘the stick’ as a chapstick, it’s designed for full body usage.  got dryness, blemishes, or anything inbetween?  just slather this baby on and you’re good to go.

i’m not kidding you, go out and buy this (available at target or shoppers) and you too can have beautiful luscious lips this spring.

“people will stare. make it worth their while.” -harry winston