jordan lpart 1l.


when my mom and i decided to head to jordan, i really didn’t have any idea of what it would be like.  since i was busy planning the second leg of my trip to asia, my mom took on the task of organizing our trip to the middle east.  besides looking at the itinerary i was sent, i did very little to prepare myself for what i would experience in jordan.  in a sense, though, the fact that i had no preconceived notions about the country, made it that much more exciting to experience everything.

i will get to what exactly we did in jordan, but first, i’ve got to share with you my first misadventure of the trip.  after 3 long flights and 24 hours of flying, i finally arrived in amman, jordan.  i patiently waited at the luggage carousel for my backpack…the problem was that my bag never came.  normally having no bag would be more of an annoyance than anything else, but when that bag has everything you need for the next 5 weeks, it becomes a scary thought to think that it is lost somewhere.  so, i spent the next hour trying to track down my bag.  but, going on next to no sleep, while dealing with a language barrier, the bag tracking down task was no easy feat. thankfully, i was eventually able to put in a claim for my bag and hope it would be found sooner rather than later.

anywayssssss, we can get back to the bag talk later.

my mom was lucky enough to hire an amazing driver (mr. ibrahim) for the 4 days we were in jordan.  since he lives in the capital of jordan (amman), we started off our time with a great tour of the city.  we stopped off at an old castle that overlooked the whole city.  i remember sitting at the top of a hill and thinking how vastly different the sights and culture is than here in canada.

mr. ibrahim was also nice enough to invite my mom and i to his house to meet his wife and enjoy a true jordanian tea and dinner.

after spending a couple hours in amman (and eating some amazing authentic food), we took a drive to the dead sea.  we stayed at the crowne plaza resort and spa and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint.  this was an amazing place to spend our first night in jordan.  we woke up early and spent some time lounging (or shall i say floating) in the dead sea, followed by a mud bath.  i’m not really sure what i thought the dead sea would be like…but i never imagined it would be as breathtaking as it was.  we spent the rest of the morning soaking in the sun by the 3-tiered pool before heading out to our next destination.

next stop…petra and wadi rum.

^^hanging out at an old castle.

^^beautiful views in amman.

^^beautiful wooden ceiling inside an old building in amman.

^^an old coliseum. 

^a beautiful mosque (seen right before a soccer ball was kicked at me by a small child).

^^i so badly wish i knew what this dessert was called or made of.  all i know is that it was AMAZING!  and i want more.

^^hands down the best tea i’ve ever hand.  the fresh mint…mmmmm.

^^dinner at mr. ibrahim’s.  homemade hummus and falafels.  

2014-05-20 14.25.05

^^crowne plaza…simply breathtaking.

IMG_2775^^enjoying my early morning float in the dead sea.

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