oh hey, toronto.

12 flights, 3 countries, and 9 crazy days later, i’m back!

as i mentioned here and here, i was ever so excited to be embarking on a 5 week journey on the other side of the world.  well, like a lot of things, this trip didn’t quite go as planned.

a couple days prior to leaving for my trip, i had to do some last minute re-arranging due to visa issues and would be spending 5 days in bangkok before heading off to cambodia.  well, pretty much as soon as i arrived in jordan, i got word that martial law had been declared in thailand.  and as the week progressed, so did the events in thailand.  more protests and demonstrations continued, and then the curfew was imposed on bangkok.

even though i had been dreaming of visiting thailand for years, heading to thailand by myself just didn’t seem like the safest idea.  so, instead of gallivanting across the world, here i am, back in toronto.  although i’m disappointed that i did not get to see what south east asia has to offer, i still had an amazing week in the middle east with my mom.

i’m slowly easing my way out of this jet lag fog and back to my normal life.  over the next week, i can’t wait to share all the adventures (and misadventures) that i experienced in jordan and oman.

thailand, it was unfortunate timing, but i’ll be seeing you eventually.


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