mid week moment.

as my big trip approaches (which i first told you guys about here), i am mixed with so many different feelings.

i’ve talked about wanting to do this trip for so long, but could never coordinate timing with friends and never dreamt of doing it alone.  but, sometimes life is about just taking a chance and doing things you never thought you would or could.

first time

deciding to book a month-long solo trip half-way across the world at the last minute, may seem like a nightmare to some people, but for me, the thought of it is thrilling!

like the quote ^^, this trip is all about firsts:
-first time backpacking.
-first time to asia.
-first time travelling completely solo.
-first time taking time out just for myself.
-first time being away from home for so long.
-first time i’m going to starve for 30 days…(just kidding, fingers crossed i’ll find something to eat)
…the list could go on and on.

i’m sure i’ll hit a couple road bumps (and probably have a couple mini-meltdowns along the way), but i’m definitely up for the challenge.

here’s to trying new things and exciting adventures!

happy hump day!

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