trip time.

ever since finishing university a couple years ago, i’ve watched friends embark on these amazing trips around the world.

i took a different path and focused on figure skating, work, and going back to school.  needless to say, i’ve always been more than a little envious hearing about these amazing adventures my friends were having.

^skating took over my life for a while, but i wouldn’t trade those memories for anything!

finally, i’m more than happy to say, that i’m now going to be the one gallivanting across the globe…if only for a month.

with my mom living in the middle east until the end of june, i decided it would be nice to pay her a visit over there.  we already conquered qatar, dubai and abu dhabi two years ago (pics below), so this time, we settled on visiting jordan and oman.

IMG_2202^^dubai by boat.

IMG_2273^^my last night in doha.


after what i’m sure will be a surreal 5 days with my mom in the middle east, i’m going to head off on my own to south east asia.

starting off in northern thailand, i’m going to spend some time making my way to bangkok and then off to cambodia and vietnam.

i’ve been to europe a handful of times, but never backpacked, so i’m both terrified and excited about the thought of being on my own in a completely different environment than i’m used to.

^had some down time off of skating while we in scotland.  downtown edinburgh was amazing!

it’s funny though, when i tell my friends and family about my travels, none of them seem to be too concerned about my safety (thanks guys!), but rather what i’m going to eat.  everyone knows by now that i am the world’s pickiest eater, so naturally the food issue is a big concern for me…do you guys think they have cheese and crackers over there?  but, let’s be real for a second, my biggest concern right now is, how in the heck am i going to pack for a month…in one backpack???

in all seriousness, i’ve always been very focused on building my life in toronto and for once i’m taking some time out to do something just for me.  i’m so excited to step out of my comfort zone and just see what else is out there!

see you soon, world!

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