hot docs.

so if you’ve never heard of hot docs, you need to change that.

when i tell people about hot docs, the conversation usually go like this:

“i’m so excited about hot docs!!”
“hot dogs?”
“nooo, hot docs, you know…docs…?”
…oh, forget it.

hot docs is a canadian documentary film festival that runs for two weeks in toronto at the end of april.  the festival pulls 180 amazing docs from all over the world and screens them at a dozen theatres across the city.

2014-05-01 21.41.35

anyone who knows me, knows that my movie taste is pretty abysmal.  let’s just say, if it doesn’t have kate hudson, poor acting, or a predictably happy ending, i probably haven’t seen it.  but, a couple years ago, i came across this truly amazing documentary called ‘the cove’ (all about dolphin poaching in japan).  this film opened my eyes to the doc world that i’d been missing out on for so long.  since then, i’ve become totally obsessed with docs like blackfish, after tiller, and the tillman story.

when hot docs came around this year, i knew i had to go to a screening.  after hearing great things, my friends and i decided on ‘meet the patels.’  this movie, which was all about an indian-american who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams…and his family, who is pushing for an arranged marriage.

2014-05-01 23.12.18

after seeing the screening this past thursday, i can say it certainly didn’t disappoint;  it was the perfect mix of hilarious and touching.  and one of the best parts was that the film makers attended the screening and spoke to the audience after.
unfortunately hot docs came to an end yesterday, but after this amazing viewing, i can’t wait to discover new documentaries when it comes back next year!!

happy monday!

“no good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.” -robert ebert



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