see ya toronto.

2014-05-18 20.10.37

today is the day.  i’m finally off on my trip.

after a hectic couple of weeks (and especially crazy last couple of days), i’m so excited to finally start this adventure.  i’m so excited to be jetting out of toronto embark on what i’m sure will be an amazingly fun 5 weeks.

although i won’t be blogging the entire time i’m there, i hope to post a couple times throughout the month i’m away to keep you all updated!

have a safe & happy month, all!!!



friday favourite.

this week i can’t live without: my converse shoes.

2014-05-15 14.19.55

i recently bought these shoes and i’m in love.  i’d been looking for a pair of comfortable ‘walking shoes’ for a while and kept going back and forth about getting a pair of converse because i didn’t think they would fit with my style.  but, now that i’ve got them, i’m not sure why it took me so long to jump on the converse bandwagon.

not only are they comfy, but they are super affordable and can be worn with just about anything.  you can dress them up with a cute summer dress or dress them down with a pair of cutoff shorts and t-shirt.  i know i’ll get a lot of wear out of these and not only can i wear them this summer, but they’ll be the perfect thing to incorporate into my fall wardrobe with a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy sweater.

2014-05-15 14.19.37
^converse paired with white pants and a chambray shirt.

with converse coming in so many colours and styles, i feel like my collection will definitely be growing over the coming months.

tgif and have an amazing (and hopefully not too rainy) weekend!!!

friends forever.

everyone has those friends.  you know, those friendships you’ve had forever.  the type of relationship where you may not talk every day or see each other for weeks, but when you are together, you pick up exactly where you left off.

2014-05-10 17.21.36
^ ❤ these girls.

this weekend, i was so happy to celebrate one of my bff’s birthdays.  the weekend’s bday festivities reminded me how lucky i am to have such a great group of friends who i can always count to have a ridiculously fun time.

2014-05-10 15.54.38  ^^naturally a jay’s game was part of the afternoon bday festivities.

now that everyone is growing up, everyone has their own lives and responsibilities and unfortunately that means it gets harder and harder to find time for everyone to get together.  the good part is that these girls know me better than anyone and that no matter how busy we get, i know they will always be a big part of my life.

we all attended different universities, lived on various continents for the past couple years, and now have crazy busy lives, but through it all, we’ve maintained that kind of priceless friendship that you can only hope to have.

2014-03-09 17.34.49

IMG_7180 ^^fun up north this winter!!

we’ve been through so many ups & downs, big milestones, and really grown up together.  i’m so thankful for all the early mornings, late nights, shameless tears, huge smiles, and endless laughs we shared throughout the years. i can hardly wait to see what kind of crazy we will go through together in the coming years!


mid week moment.

as my big trip approaches (which i first told you guys about here), i am mixed with so many different feelings.

i’ve talked about wanting to do this trip for so long, but could never coordinate timing with friends and never dreamt of doing it alone.  but, sometimes life is about just taking a chance and doing things you never thought you would or could.

first time

deciding to book a month-long solo trip half-way across the world at the last minute, may seem like a nightmare to some people, but for me, the thought of it is thrilling!

like the quote ^^, this trip is all about firsts:
-first time backpacking.
-first time to asia.
-first time travelling completely solo.
-first time taking time out just for myself.
-first time being away from home for so long.
-first time i’m going to starve for 30 days…(just kidding, fingers crossed i’ll find something to eat)
…the list could go on and on.

i’m sure i’ll hit a couple road bumps (and probably have a couple mini-meltdowns along the way), but i’m definitely up for the challenge.

here’s to trying new things and exciting adventures!

happy hump day!

turkey burgers.

once upon a time i was a vegetarian.

whether this was a good idea or a bad idea is still up for debate.  i love the idea of being vegetarian, mostly for the humanitarian reasons, but it can be a pretty tricky regime to stick to and definitely not for everyone.  unfortunately for me, i just wasn’t getting enough (or any for that matter) protein in my diet and was always feeling tired and sluggish.  so, i slowly started incorporating some meat back into my diet a couple years ago to get my energy up.

since un-vegetarianizing, i’ve pretty much stuck to chicken or turkey and stayed away from red meats.  but, now that the weather is warming up and barbecue season is upon us, it’s getting harder and harder to resist sinking my teeth into a juicy, homemade, grilled burger.


after contemplating giving in to eating ground beef, i decided that i can probably make homemade turkey burgers that are equally as delicious. so, that’s indeed what i did.  last night for dinner, i made these yummy (and healthy) burgers:

ingredients (serves 4):

-1/4 cup minced garlic
-1/3 cup red onion
-1/3 cup pepper
-1/3 cup chopped spinach
-1 tbsp cajun spices
-450 g ground turkey
-4 hamburger buns
-salt & pepper to taste


  1. in a bowl, combine all ingredients.  stir until evenly mixed.
  2. shape the mixture into 4 patties.
  3. grill the burgers on a barbecue (or non-stick skillet) under cooked through.
  4. remove from heat, add bun, and serve with your choice of toppings.  ENJOY!

^^combine all ingredients.

IMG_2683^^stir until thoroughly combined.

^shape into patties.

IMG_2688^^grill ’em up!

IMG_2692^^serve! (i added caramelized onions + chipotle mayo).

IMG_2691^^bbq’d potatoes (tossed in olive oil + chipotle) made for the perfect side.

we added a light salad and baked potatoes to our meal and voila!  could that have been any easier??  you bet i’ll be making these again throughout the summer!

happy monday all!!

trip time.

ever since finishing university a couple years ago, i’ve watched friends embark on these amazing trips around the world.

i took a different path and focused on figure skating, work, and going back to school.  needless to say, i’ve always been more than a little envious hearing about these amazing adventures my friends were having.

^skating took over my life for a while, but i wouldn’t trade those memories for anything!

finally, i’m more than happy to say, that i’m now going to be the one gallivanting across the globe…if only for a month.

with my mom living in the middle east until the end of june, i decided it would be nice to pay her a visit over there.  we already conquered qatar, dubai and abu dhabi two years ago (pics below), so this time, we settled on visiting jordan and oman.

IMG_2202^^dubai by boat.

IMG_2273^^my last night in doha.


after what i’m sure will be a surreal 5 days with my mom in the middle east, i’m going to head off on my own to south east asia.

starting off in northern thailand, i’m going to spend some time making my way to bangkok and then off to cambodia and vietnam.

i’ve been to europe a handful of times, but never backpacked, so i’m both terrified and excited about the thought of being on my own in a completely different environment than i’m used to.

^had some down time off of skating while we in scotland.  downtown edinburgh was amazing!

it’s funny though, when i tell my friends and family about my travels, none of them seem to be too concerned about my safety (thanks guys!), but rather what i’m going to eat.  everyone knows by now that i am the world’s pickiest eater, so naturally the food issue is a big concern for me…do you guys think they have cheese and crackers over there?  but, let’s be real for a second, my biggest concern right now is, how in the heck am i going to pack for a month…in one backpack???

in all seriousness, i’ve always been very focused on building my life in toronto and for once i’m taking some time out to do something just for me.  i’m so excited to step out of my comfort zone and just see what else is out there!

see you soon, world!

mid week moment.

can you guys believe it’s may already?

^flowers are finally blooming in the garden. 

i’m not sure where the time has gone, but i can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that we’re almost halfway through 2014…how is that even possible?

i can’t help but look back on all the amazing experiences i’ve had in the first 5 months of the year.  from a new job, quick trips, family time, a renewed dedication to fitness and fun adventures with friends, i really can’t complain about 2014 so far.

through all the amazing memories i’ve already made this year, i’m even more excited for what’s to come.  2014, you’ve be so good to me!

check in to the fit palette tomorrow to hear about the latest adventure i’m about to embark on!!

^it’s true! forever thankful for what i have!!

happy wednesday friends!


hot docs.

so if you’ve never heard of hot docs, you need to change that.

when i tell people about hot docs, the conversation usually go like this:

“i’m so excited about hot docs!!”
“hot dogs?”
“nooo, hot docs, you know…docs…?”
…oh, forget it.

hot docs is a canadian documentary film festival that runs for two weeks in toronto at the end of april.  the festival pulls 180 amazing docs from all over the world and screens them at a dozen theatres across the city.

2014-05-01 21.41.35

anyone who knows me, knows that my movie taste is pretty abysmal.  let’s just say, if it doesn’t have kate hudson, poor acting, or a predictably happy ending, i probably haven’t seen it.  but, a couple years ago, i came across this truly amazing documentary called ‘the cove’ (all about dolphin poaching in japan).  this film opened my eyes to the doc world that i’d been missing out on for so long.  since then, i’ve become totally obsessed with docs like blackfish, after tiller, and the tillman story.

when hot docs came around this year, i knew i had to go to a screening.  after hearing great things, my friends and i decided on ‘meet the patels.’  this movie, which was all about an indian-american who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams…and his family, who is pushing for an arranged marriage.

2014-05-01 23.12.18

after seeing the screening this past thursday, i can say it certainly didn’t disappoint;  it was the perfect mix of hilarious and touching.  and one of the best parts was that the film makers attended the screening and spoke to the audience after.
unfortunately hot docs came to an end yesterday, but after this amazing viewing, i can’t wait to discover new documentaries when it comes back next year!!

happy monday!

“no good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.” -robert ebert



friday favourite.

this week i can’t live without:  my name ring.


after seeing a similar ring on pinterest, i lusted over the idea of this ring for months.  i’m obsessed with just about anything monogrammed (and gold), so when i got the ring as a gift last year, i couldn’t have been happier.


although i like big statement pieces of jewelry for nights out, i prefer more modest options for everyday.  i have a couple rings that i never take off and this name ring quickly became a staple of mine.  this ring, made by “names ring” was the perfect addition to my jewelry collection.  i love the thin gold band combined with the cursive lettering, giving it that dainty feeling that i never get tired of.

happy friday everyone!

“it’s the freakin’ weekend!” -r kelly