mid week moment.

as we make it halfway through another week, i can’t help but feel a sense of happiness.  not only has the weather improved dramatically since last week, but thanks to the nba playoffs, the city of toronto is buzzing.

raptors^^putting the final touches on a raptors logo outside.

having grown up in a hockey household, i’ve never really cared too much for basketball.  but, when i started my new job this year and had to attend raptors games fairly frequently, i quickly became a true fan of the team.  while leaf games are serious and intense, raptors games are loose and relaxed.

with the raptors making it to the playoffs for the first time since 2008, i was so proud to see the thousands of raptors fans come out to our tailgates to rally for their team during the first and second games of the series.

2014-04-17 11.13.48^^spent one day last week chalking out the footprint for the tailgate.

2014-04-17 14.08.46  2014-04-19 09.07.08
^^the court looking like a giant puzzle & some festive balloons.

2014-04-19 14.49.53 ^^a white-out inside the acc.

in a town that is known for their hockey fans, these raptors fans are giving them a real run for their money. here’s to the team’s continued success and the electric energy that they have brought to the city.

**on a side note: did anyone else notice drake furiously lint brushing his pants during the game?  so many questions running through my head…where did he pull this lint brush out from?  how did his pants spontaneously erupt in lint?  did he realize he was sitting courtside and everyone was watching him? ohhh, how i love drake.

happy wednesday & don’t forget, #wearenorth!!

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