today is good friday.

religiously, it is a day for christians to be thankful for jesus christ’s sacrificies, but for most of the world, it means a day off work and a long weekend!!!


typically this is what i love about easter:
-warmer weather
-spending time with family
-lots and lots of chocolate

but…this year the weather is colder than ever, i am missing out on family time due to work commitments, and i am no longer eating chocolate.

so, yaaaa.  not quite the easter i usually look forward to.

in all actuality, though, i’m still happy to see easter come around.  i’m excited to take advantage of the couple hours i will have with my family and all the amazing food i’m sure to devour in that time.

happy easter everyone and remember everything you have to be thankful for!

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“easter is the only time of year it is good to put all your eggs in one basket.” -unknown



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