40 days.

that’s how long it’s been since i made the crazy decision to give up both chocolate and chips.

as i mentioned here, this year for lent, i gave up my most beloved treats.  lent, which began on march 5, finally comes to an end today.  i remember that first day of lent, thinking that i would never make it the full 40 days, but surprisingly, it hasn’t been nearly as hard as i imagined.

i am certainly not a nutritious eater by nature, so healthy eating is a conscious effort for me .  i never really thought my sweet tooth was a problem… until i picked up peanut m&m’s instead of peanut butter m&m’s at bulk barn.  talk about devastation! this awful rookie mistake had in a puddle of tears on my bedroom floor.

yes, sadly this is a true story.  and no, i wasn’t 12.  this was last year.

2013-04-11 20.47.13^^the cause of my meltdown.  just wanted some peanut butter m&m’s while studying.

now, i’m not particularly religious, but i love a good challenge, so when lent came around this year, i knew it would be the ultimate test to kick my sweet tooth to the curb.

there were definitely times throughout the 40 days when i wanted to cave, but instead of turning to unhealthy food when i needed a quick snack, i made the conscious decision to make better choices.  to help kick my sweet and savoury cravings, i added lots of fruit, smoothies, yogurt, and lightly salted almonds to my diet.

2014-03-25 12.08.37 2014-03-28 16.25.48
^^ smoothie preparations & yogurt, fruit and oats.

it’s said to take 21 days to break a habit and i’m happy to say, after 40 days, i feel like that’s true.  i’ve got to say, i’m pretty happy about my accomplishment and since i’ve pretty much kicked my cravings, i’ve decided to extend this challenge all the way to the end of summer.

it could be a long 4 and a half months to come, but as this saying goes…



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