mid week moment.

for those of you who live in toronto, you can probably sympathize with how i feel right now.  last week we saw our first glimmer of hope that spring had finally arrived.  the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and i could finally leave the house without looking like an eskimo.  at last, i was convinced the polar vortex was over!

2014-04-11 10.44.17 2014-04-11 18.26.16
^ last week: walking around downtown & taking in the beautiful toronto skyline.

…that was until yesterday morning.  i woke up tuesday morning only to find snow on the ground.  after a seriously long and cold winter, i was so disappointed to see that the cold had returned.

^ my view yesterday morning.

i feel like mother nature is truly trying to test us this year.  after being trapped inside for endless months this winter, those beautiful days last week brought so much life and happiness to the city.  i can surely say i took advantage of the beautiful sunshine by reading outside, dining on patios, and going for a run on a local path instead of in the gym.

 2014-04-02 16.35.12 2014-04-08 19.40.25
^^ spring inspiration & the perfect girl’s night.

even though it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, i know there can’t possibility be many more cold days  left.  so, as i sit inside daydreaming about sunnier times and the next time i’ll be able to sip sangria on a patio, i’m looking to this (down there) to help me get through this balmy wednesday and remind me to always find the bright side of things.

gold dots

happy hump day everyone!

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