pulled pork stuffed mushrooms.

i remember hating mushrooms growing up.  this was especially true once i realized eating a mushroom equated to eating fungi.  coming from someone who is fairly neat and tidy (plus a picky eater), the idea of eating anything that was part of the fungus family was definitely out of the question.

^^ i mean, mushrooms aren’t exactly the most attractive of foods.

on my quest to start eating a more balanced diet, i gave mushrooms another chance.  i can’t say i’ve ever absolutely loved mushrooms –the bland taste and weird texture throws me off– but, i can tell you, that after making these stuffed mushrooms, i have completely changed my tune when it comes to ‘shrooms.


i whipped these up one day last week and could not believe how delicious they were. **friends: you can look forward to these at our next potluck dinner.

ingredients (serves 4 people):

-8 large mushrooms
-1/3 pound pulled pork (or any other meat)
-1/4 medium onion (finely diced)
-2 garlic cloves (finely minced)
-1 tablespoon cream cheese
-1 egg yolk
-3/4 cups parmesan cheese (grated)
-1/2 cup water or white wine
-salt & pepper (to taste)

**this also makes for a great vegetarian dish, just eliminate the pulled pork.


  1. preheat over to 350 degrees.
  2. wipe off or wash mushrooms in cold water.  pop out stems, reserving both parts.
  3. crumble pulled pork and set aside.
  4. chop mushroom steps very finely.
  5. add onions and garlic to a skillet; cooking over medium low heat for 2 minutes.  add water (or wine), allowing liquid to evaporate.  add chopped mushroom stems, stir to cook for 2 minutes.  add salt & pepper to taste.  set aside to cool.
  6. in a bowl, combine cream cheese, egg yolk and parmesan cheese.  add pulled pork.  add cooled mushroom mixture and stir together.
  7. smear mixture into the cavity of each mushroom, creating a small mound over the top.
  8. bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.  allow to cool as stuffing will be very hot.
  9. ENJOY!

^^ remove stems and reserve both parts.

IMG_2451 ^^ pulled pork, onions, garlic and mushrooms finely diced & minced.

^^ in a skillet, fry up onion, garlic & mushrooms.

^mix together pulled pork, yolk, and parmesan cheese.  add this to mushroom mixture.

^smear mixture into cavity of mushroom and bake in oven until golden brown.

these are the perfect things to serve as an appetizer or side dish for dinner.  trust me when i tell you these were amazing –i know i sure couldn’t stop myself from going back for seconds!


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“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” –julia child 

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