friday favourite.

this week, i can’t live without: ‘turquoise & caicos’ nail polish by essie.


as i mentioned here, i used to be serious nail bitter, but ever since kicking this bad habit to the curve, i’ve taken a lot of pride in the appearance of my nails.

now that my nails have grown long and strong, i rarely leave the house without them painted.  i love the way a beautifully painted nail finishes off any outfit and gives you a put together look.

2014-04-03 16.10.12 2014-03-28 15.40.59

since i absolutely hate the thought of chipped nails, i always make time once a week to give myself a little manicure. after removing old polish, i trim my cuticles and cut my nails before picking out a new colour.

^^some of my favourite colours for spring.

i have created quite the nail polish collection of the past couple years and usually choose the colour of my nails by the weather or season.  since pastels are such a hit this spring, i picked up ‘turquoise & caicos’ by essie the other day and love it.


although some people may think nail polish is just another mundane step to a woman’s regime, i think it’s a fun way of showing your individuality and personality.  i can’t wait to keep trying out new colours and designs as spring continues!

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“the only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.  other than that, watch out!” -unknown

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