25 things.

many of you reading and following my blog know me personally.  you know about my weird eating habits and my competitive spirit.  you know what i do for a living and where i live.

2014-04-05 12.44.11

lately, though, i’ve seen new readers popping up all over the world.  for those who i’m just meeting, i thought i would do a post to share 25 random facts to get to know me better.

here we go:

  1. am the youngest of three children.
  2. was an avid nail bitter (to the point where my nails would bleed and sting), until i stopped cold turkey four years ago.  now i’m obsessed with painting my nails.
  3. am a total stickler for grammar.  (nerd moment: i took a linguistics course in university, which i would take over and over again).
  4. i once was a competitive trampolinist.  now i like play around on the trampoline in the backyard.
  5. hate pop in a can, but LOVE fountain pop.
  6. watch reality tv shamelessly.
  7. cannot wait to purchase my first piece of real estate.
  8. have the bedtime of a grandmother.  if i’m not busy, you’ll find me in bed by 8pm.
  9. watched hockey games in 16 out of the 30 nhl arenas.
  10. performed in skating shows with olympians tessa virtue & scott moir and elvis stojko.
  11. in another lifetime, i would be a medical aesthetician.
  12. not the healthiest, but my favourite comfort meal is macaroni with grated cheese.
  13. don’t have a personal facebook or instagram account and only have a twitter profile because i had to create one for my post grad program.
  14. one day hope to get my pilot’s license.
  15. have a bad habit of bottling up my emotions until i have a meltdown about something completely unrelated.
  16. have seen close to 300 concerts.
  17. ranch. could eat that with anything and everything.
  18. night in > night out.
  19. coolest trip i ever took was to dubai & abu dhabi, but the most beautiful place i’ve ever been was switzerland.
  20. have a slight case of insomnia, often waking up 2-3 times a night.
  21. would love to be a contestant on the amazing race.
  22. can’t wait to plan a trip to southeast asia.
  23. hope to go skydiving this year.
  24. thanks to my skating career, have been able to travel around europe.
  25. have known most of my close friends since elementary or middle school.

2014-04-03 16.10.12 2013-12-29 18.03.52
^^ obsessed with painting my nails. & the latest nhl arena i’ve visited (columbus)

^ one of the most amazing and fun experiences of my life with tessa & scott.

2014-03-15 23.11.58 2014-04-07 17.54.04
^ one of the many concerts i’ve attended. & my favourite comfort food.

^^ absolutely stunning mosque in abu dhabi.

^ sitting by the persian gulf in dubai.

to the new & the old and those who i’m just meeting, thank you so much for reading and following my blog.  i cannot wait to continue sharing all kinds of fun stuff with you guys!

don’t forget to follow me on twitter & instagram: @thefitpalette

“start where you are.  use what you have.  do what you can.” –arthur ashe



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