friday favourite.

this week, i can’t live without: my ‘kiss me’ socks.

kiss me

how cute are these socks?  i got these socks for christmas this year and can’t get enough of them.

these babies got me through the coldest of cold winters.  they were thin enough to wear in my boots, but thick enough to still keep my toes warm.  you could find me looking real comfy in these socks, paired with leggings and a loose sweater.

2014-04-03 15.51.31

now, i’m sure you’re all dying to know who makes these socks.  let me enlighten you:  they are made by ‘arthur george’ (aka rob kardashian’s sock line).  for all you kardashian haters who love to say they kardashians have no talent…how you like these socks now?

in all seriousness, these socks are amazing and since i keep it no secret that i have a slightly ridiculous obsession with reality tv, you all know i will forever support my reality tv favourites!

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