friday favourite.

this week i can’t live without: this ‘vanilla icing’ candle.

the most amazing scented candle.

the most amazing scented candle.

since i live in canada, i miss out on so many of the great things the u.s. has to offer.

us canadians have smarties, ketchup chips, maple syrup, and a timmy’s on every corner, but the states has liquor that can be purchased in convenience stores, better target stores, chick-fil-a (i may be a little too obsessed with this place), and most importantly, yankee candle.

whenever i head across the border, i always make sure to stop at yankee candle to pick up some new candles for my room.  i got this ‘vanilla icing’ scented candle the last time i was in buffalo and since i gave up chocolate, chips, and cupcakes for lent, the smell of this candle (although a serious tease) is the closest thing i’m getting to eating something yummy these days.

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 “thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  happiness never decreases by being shared.” -buddha

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