today is the first day of spring.

although technically the date tells us that spring is officially upon us, i’m not so sure the weather is on the same page.  despite the balmy, unappealing weather, the thought of at least knowing that it can’t stay cold for too much longer has already put me in a better mood!

the first look of spring.

the first dreary look of spring. because who doesn’t love grey skies and muddy water?

on the eve of every new year, i take a couple hours to reflect on the past year.  many people opt for creating new years resolutions, but knowing that these resolutions usually last about one hot minute, i instead choose to write a letter to myself that is categorized in three ways:
(1) what have i done this year that i’m proud of?
(2) what could i have done better this year?
(3) what do i want to accomplish in the coming year?
and at the end of year, i love to look back on this letter to see how my year actually panned out.

so, much like the new year, at the beginning of each season, i take a little time to reflect and make a quick list of things i want to accomplish.  writing down my goals holds me accountable and gets me excited about what i have to work towards in the coming months.

what do you hope to accomplish this spring?

“spring is nature’s way of saying: let’s party.” -robin williams

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