st. patrick.

i’ve never been one for holidays.

although christmas is certainly growing on me, halloween, new years, valentine’s, and all those other celebratory days between, never seem to excite me the way they excite everyone else.  while friends are spending days preparing creative halloween costumes or researching the coolest place to ring in the new year, i am usually waiting for those holidays to come and go as if they are just another day of the year.

some st. patrick's day necessities.

some st. patrick’s day necessities.

st. patrick’s day, on the other hand, is one holiday i truly enjoy.  i may only be 1/3 irish, but on march 17, i celebrate this day as if it was created for me.  in actuality, this day represents the day that saint patrick died and is a celebratory day, culturally and religiously, to rejoice his life.  for me, this day brings me so much happiness, as it typically marks the beginning of some warmer weather (although apparently not this year).  after long winter months, i always anticipate this day as a breath of fresh air and a fun day to spend with my friends.

as my friends and i get older and start to create our own lives and develop blooming careers, it becomes more and more difficult to find time to spend together.  on st. patrick’s day, however, it has become a tradition to spend the day together -dressed in green, drinking green beer, and forgetting about all our other responsibilities.

so, cheers to a holiday i wish could come along more often and to the happy memories that come out of it every year!

“there are two kinds of people in the world:  the irish and those who wish they were.” -irish saying 

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